Security Systems

Access Control and ID Management Systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Whether your facility, assets and networks are small or large in size, SAS SE provides complete solutions for Access Control, Time Attendance and ID Management systems, to meet every requirement for a secure protected area. With our seamless...

Automatic number plate recognition systems

SAS SERVICESDescription At SAS, our ANPR software brings you a new level of trustworthiness when it comes to vehicle monitoring and access control. Our up-to-date software give you the ability to control, monitor, and log every vehicle entering your premises, and...

Burglar alarm systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Avoid thefts and trespassers in restricted areas with the help of SAS SE and its range of Burglar Alarm Systems to immediately report any intrusion and take immediate action.


SAS SERVICESDescription Cables Business Summary: Projects : Total 1 Security Building Haram Sharif

Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV)

SAS SERVICESDescription SAS SE meets our clients’ requirements and specifications with a complete monitoring and Video Management System, using the very best cameras and software. Our wide range of high quality products will provide you with the best possible images...

Computerized monitoring

SAS SERVICESDescription Nowadays, despite competitors entering the market, SAS SE has risen to the challenge to provide quality monitoring products. Professional monitoring is computerized and centralized based on the client’s needs.

Gate barriers

SAS SERVICESDescription Gate barriers Business Summary: Projects : Total 4 Ad Duwayhi Gold Project – Maaden Gold Saline Water Conversion Corporation Yanbu II - Power & Water Project AL Majal G4S

Integrated perimeter protection

SAS SERVICESDescription When it is critical to avoid intrusions, SAS SE provides ultimate protection against perimeter breaches using the best technology in monitoring cameras with Motion Detection and IR. Business Summary: Projects : Total 8 Ad Duwayhi Gold Project –...

Intrusion Detection and Assessment Systems (IDAS)

SAS SERVICESDescription Intrusion detection and assessment systems (IDAS) are an integral part of any physical protection system and provide a basis for the initiation of an effective security response. Undetected intrusions are impossible with SAS SE’s IDAS...

Metal and explosive detection systems

SAS SERVICESDescription SAS SE supplies only the highest quality Metal and Explosive Detection Systems. When it comes to life-threatening situations, our main purpose is to always provide the most reliable and trustworthy solutions for the Search Facilities. Business...

Motion detection systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Whether it is embedded in footage from the CCTV System or from separate devices, no motion will be undetected using the solutions we provide. We take care of every aspect of our systems, from the controllers to the field devices.

Paging systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Paging systems Business Summary: Projects : Total 1 Al Sharq Paging system

Parking management systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Parking has never been more organized and easily managed than it is with SAS SE’s Parking Management Systems. Counters, available spots, direction signs, and entrance and exits will all be properly controlled and monitored, automatically or...

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

SAS SERVICESDescription SAS SE focuses on providing consistent solutions to collect and correlate events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (alarm siren, smoke detector, alarm system, video door phone, access control, CCTV, door contact...

Radar and sonar systems

SAS SERVICESDescription With our Radar and Sonar systems, no areas, whether on land or at sea will be unsecured. SAS SE can provide full solutions to every problem our clients might face. We specialize in engineering the right solution for all potential conflicts....

Road barriers, blockers, tire killers and sliding gates

SAS SERVICESDescription You can count on SAS SE to control the road access with high quality barriers, blockers, tier killers and sliding gates, whether crash rated or not, depending on the client’s every need. Business Summary: Projects : Total 20 SAMA Qassim Power...

Time attendance

SAS SERVICESDescription Time attendance Business Summary:Projects : Total 3 Saline Water Conversion Corporation SPA -TIME ATTANDANCE SYSTEMS SWCC- Time Attendance System


SAS SERVICESDescription For pedestrian traffic control, SAS SE provides a vast range of turnstiles, either at waist height or full height, to comply with the desired specifications requested by our clients. Long-life time applications and exceptional installations are...

Under-vehicle inspection systems

SAS SERVICESDescription From the hardware to the software, SAS SE has a full range of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed in the entering cars. Where security matters, you can rely on us to detect any problem before it occurs....

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

SAS SERVICESDescription Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Business Summary: Projects : Total 10 Marafiq Saline Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO 4) Project King AbdUllah Financial District Package A Ministry of Defense and Aviation Imran Hospital Rafha PP Qurayat PP Wadi...

Video analytics and video management systems

SAS SERVICESDescription With our high quality cameras comes an even better Video Management System, to include all the analytics required by our clients. You can control motion in particular areas, trespassing, anti-pass back, etc. Our VMS solutions will provide you...

Visitor management systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Embedded in the Access Control or not, we can help you manage the visitors of your establishment, and certainly avoid any security breach. In many facilities, visitors are still registered using a handwritten paper log. While this method is...

Walk-through metal detectors

SAS SERVICESDescription SAS SE supplies only the highest quality Walkthrough Metal Detectors. When it comes to life-threatening situations, our main purpose is to always provide the most reliable and trustworthy solutions for the Search Facilities.

X-Ray scanners

SAS SERVICESDescription SAS SE supplies only the highest quality X-Ray Scanners. When it comes to life-threatening situations, our main purpose is to always provide the most reliable and trustworthy solutions for the Search Facilities. Business Summary: Projects :...

PTZ cameras

SAS SERVICESDescription PTZ cameras Business Summary:Projects : Total 2 Shoaiba Sea Port Power Plant Saudi Aramco Oil Rigs

Badging systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Badging systems Business Summary: Projects : Total 1 Qassim Power Plant

Fiber optics sensors

SAS SERVICESDescription Fiber optics sensors Business Summary:Projects : Total 1 Saudi Aramco Ras Tannura