Communications Systems

Intercom systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Intercom systems Business Summary: Projects : Total 4 KAP 2E KAP5-G4 Rafha PP Qurayat PP

Master clock systems

SAS SERVICESDescription In time-related applications you must determine which clock will be used as the reference for all other clocks and understand how to transfer the time from the reference clock to all other clocks. The solution is a special timing reference...

Public address systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Public address systems Business Summary:Projects : Total 7 KAP4 KAP5-G4 Makkah Haram Ablution Makkah O&M of CCTV & Sound Systems SENEGAL Airport KAIA NEW National Commercial Bank (NCB-IT)

Sound systems

SAS SERVICESDescription Sound systems Business Summary: Projects : Total 3 Masaa Sound System Maint. King Abdullah Mataf Extension - Sound System Makkah New Sound Control Room Relocation